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Business philosophy: the pursuit of a comfortable environment; pursue a reasonable profit; pursuit of dedicated service; pursue permanent survival;
Enterprise spirit: unity, progress, innovation and change, hard-working, pragmatic, hard work and efficient.
Mission: to develop varieties; quality of survival; reputation for service; to seek effective management.
Quality policy:for the two markets, relying on advanced technology, enhance brand awareness and maintain the quality of leadership.
Aolei Shi person acting rule: open, fair and just.
Aolei Shi person's character:"ambition, or does not want to do it the best.perfect replica watches


Our vision
A central two basic points, three focus areas, four major initiatives.
To improve the overall competitiveness and economic efficiency, low-cost strategy and adopt the strategy of large-scale centralized these two basic points, focusing on breakthroughs in three areas:

1.the production capacity (production scale; one to two pillars of product and brand names ;);
2.R & D capabilities (new profitability);
3.the market share (domestic market stable, expand and develop and exploit foreign markets);


Four main initiatives:

1.large-scale production, cultivating one to two pillars of the product or brand, by establishing their own unique brand and value proposition to establish Aoleishi market position in China and the world of bathroom products industry;
2.seeking strategic alliances, participation in building materials, sanitary ware industry value chain segmentation, and other companies involved in strategic cooperation;
3.the domestic market to develop two focus (to develop the entire product sales market and secondary market support);

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